Learning with WoodMee®

Children are natural learners. Think about it. They learn to walk, talk, read, run, climb, swim, laugh, socialize, collaborate, learn to learn and much more.

We have likely all learned vital lifeskills in our childhood;
being kind to each other, apologize when needed, being curious and jump up and down in water puddles, exercising, sleeping enough and when needed, solving and making things, being fascinated and gazing in wonder when seeing bees and butterflies fly.

Many things can support children natural ability to learn through play. WoodMee® believe constructions tools and toys are some of the best to bring into childrens play sphere as it brings a myriad of benefits like:

Sky Laser.jpg
Creativity and Experimentations skill.
When making creations children become creators, story makers and are letting their creativity, imagination and self-expression com e into play!
When engaging with a construction set as WoodMee, children can be adventurous, experiment, test out and build new ideas.

Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills

Woodmee promote the development of divergent thinking and problem solving skills.  Because play with construction set as WoodMee, does not have a single purpose or outcome, it enhances divergent thinking in problem solving as the tool offers creation of a diversity in solutions. 

Self-Confidence and Focus

Creating a WoodMee® creation allows children to achieve a sense of accomplishment and build on their self-confidence and self-belief.

One of the reasons why constructions sets, as WoodMee, is so good for the brain is that it builds concentration span as being immersed in an activity will develop the ability to focus.

Calming and Mindful

Playing with WoodMee® can have a calming and relaxing effect and be helpful for children. Playing and creating with WoodMee® we believe can bring a feeling of order to a chaotic or stressful day, and can have soothing benefits also based in the tactile touch of natural materials.